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The Scavenger Hunt tasks that need to be performed will be released the morning of 3/13/2021. You will have until 3/21/2021 at 6pm to submit your completed Scavenger Hunt sheet and proofs. See below on submission rules.

If you decide to participate in our scavenger hunt you must post a picture of your team on our Facebook page with the text Scavenger Hunt and a name for your team somewhere in the post. (Please keep team names and posts appropriate or you will be disqualified and your post will be deleted).

Mark an X next to the tasks you complete and where it was completed on the Scavenger Hunt sheet. All tasks must be completed in Arenac County.

All tasks must be proven complete by taking a selfie or picture that clearly shows where you are, unless the task instructs you otherwise.

You must then post your photo proofs on our Standish Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page with the business or location where you completed the task tagged in the picture. Label the post Scavenger Hunt and include your teams name in the post. This can be done as you’re completing tasks or once all tasks are complete- the choice is yours but all proofs must be posted by 3/21/21 at 6pm.

When you have completed the scavenger hunt please send us your completed list on our Facebook messenger or to our email address , including your team name and contact information.

If you do not have Facebook, please email your proofs to .

The winner of the scavenger hunt will be team who completes the most tasks. If there is a tie, a winner will be randomly drawn live on our Facebook page 3/23/2021. The winner will be awarded $300.

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